Unexpected Lessons

Screenshot_2016-01-20-22-35-43-1I love when things happen and after its over I get to think back on the event and see it from a completely different angle. Tonight was one of those evenings.

Due to recent action of a certain teenage girl, I had to invent an interesting way to punish her, and part of that included coming to the gym with me. I realize that doesn’t sound like a big deal, and since the point of this conversation isn’t about the trouble, I won’t burden you with the details.

To my point, since this teenager still need to condition herself for her swimming, I had to make sure her work out was appropriate. I consulted the coach and got a list of specific exercises he wanted me to have her do. After giving me the list he added, what I consider the best advice ever, “if there any exercise you do to ready yourself for your Spartan races, add those too!” Boo-yeah! I get to introduce some pain!

So we got to the gym and it was pretty normal. Since there were specific things that Coach wanted her to do, I decided we would start with cardio. Seven minutes on the elliptical was the beginning.  It was while I was on there my mind started turning. I was going to have to do what I see my trainer doing. The more I thought about being the leader the less I worried about what I was doing.

From the elliptical I had her doing some arm exercises, showing her the proper technique and doing the exercises right along with her. I put her on a machine and explained what muscles it was going to work, tested the weight she needed to work with, and pushed her to do just a few more reps. Then I did the same machine and did my reps.

We moved on to some of my favorite/hated plank push ups, and as I showed her how to do them I caught myself slipping more into the role of the trainer.

We pressed on and the work out lasted for about about 30 mins. As it was MY work out and I was leading it, I felt so good! I was pushing myself. Something I really hadn’t done as much as I thought I had.

When we got done I was smiling, sweating, and so happy!

You ask what angle I am looking at them from now? Well, simply the other side of me. When I focused on something besides my pain and worry, doing the exercises is so much easier to deal with. I know how silly that sounds, but its true. It was almost like I had to trick my brain into not seeing what I was doing as physically taxing bs, but rather my own instructional video.

When I am with my trainer, I know I am not easy to deal with. I look at him and think “how can you just stand there and boss me around like that?!” Well, I get it now. Its empowering.  Watching the person you are helping do better – even be better – changes how you see working out period.

I know that tomorrow I am going to be sore, and probably wont be able to walk, but tomorrow I will feel like that voice in my head just used her brain for good instead of to tear me down.


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