Every Step Counts

12513783_10208056304586001_6578090563534272416_oI am a desk jockey. Everything I need is right there. On the shared drive, in my email, or physically in the IN BOX on my desk. At most, I might have to walk to the other side of my room to go to the filing cabinet to pull a resident file, or go down the hall to go to the restroom. That’s really all in the course of my 8 hour (or plus) day.

When I got my Garmin I was not sure what to put as my daily goal, so after seeing my friends work with a 10,000 step goal I followed suite. Soon after, I realized I was no where near that! I am talking like, 2500 to 3100 steps daily! When I realized how few steps I took in a day, I googled “how many steps does an office worker take?” This gave me a variety of answers. To take the average of what all I got, I am going to say right about 2000 steps.

So many people try for 10,000 steps a day. I am not one of them, and here are my reasons….

1554482_10206646011009543_8677066293036355872_n***2000 – 2200 steps roughly equals a mile. Going 10,000 steps would be expecting myself to walk roughly four miles after I put in eight hours of work. This just isn’t possible. I have other things going on in my life. I mean, come on! I am wife of a gamer/game designer, a mother of two very active teenagers, a homeowner, and person of my own. To do this would mean I would have to give up, or take time away from one of those other pieces in my life, and I am not doing it.

****I posted this in another blog , I cannot do the treadmill or the elliptical without holding on, so those steps that I take do not show up. I know I have taken then, so I am not going to worry about not seeing the number show up on my wrist.

****Lastly, I spend time with my trainer, and he busts my @ss, and those days do not require any further steps – or explanation to my poor body that it needs to do more!

Now, all that being said, I want it go on the record that when I go to WalMart, or Kroger, or even the mall (again, judgment free zone!) I like to go an extra lap to add to my steps. At this point in my journey, I have set my daily goal of 5000 steps, and I am perfectly happy with that.


Now… you know that is not where this stops. I am NOT saying that this is the end of the road for me! I want to be a runner/jogger… and will be! That means that when I get to the point of being able to run around the block twice (which means jogging a full mile outside) I will be adding 2000-2200 steps. Then after that goal is accomplished I will move on to running two miles (four laps, or growing my course) that is another couple thousand steps. Then moving forward further, being able to do my big goal of doing four miles… and there you have it! 10,000 steps! My average work day of 2000 steps plus four miles, I got this!

But for now, a (mostly unreached goal) of 5000 steps is A-O-K. Every step counts as I #becomeabetterme.



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