Dressed for Success

12592561_10208143860494844_5096972587691460870_nIt is no secret, I love jammie pants. I love sweatpants. I love Tshirts. I love my comfies.

The very second I get home at night, I go straight past my family and into the bedroom to change into my comfy clothes. After that, and only after that, do I say hello to my family. If I could work in jammies I would. Heck,  I would live in them. That is, unless I am going to the gym. Crazy, huh?

When I started working out a few years ago, I was scared to wear anything besides a frumpy tshirt and and baggie old sweat pants. Being XXX pounds the idea of exercise clothes was cringe worthy. As I looked around the gym all I could think was , “wow. I bet they think I am a slob.” but really,  that was me being self conscience and projecting my fears on those people around me.

But back to my point… As I wore those baggy sweats and that ratty old tshirt, I felt horrible about myself. Some of those ladies in gym were sweating their hearts out wearing their cotton/spandex blend pants and their flowy style tank tops with the bright colored sports bra underneath, and here I am looking all frumpy and not really putting my all into my work out. I watched them intently as I pedaled away with my no resistance and only getting a mile every 9 mins or so. I wondered how they did it, but I pedaled on.

As the summer came I couldn’t wear my sweats anymore. They were far to hot, so I decided I had to try something. I bought me a few pairs of cotton capris and a few of those flowy tanks and even bought myself a mild colored sports bra that was “ok” to show a little.

The next day that I went into the gym I had my bright pink tank with a shiny black sports bra and a pair of black cotton pants and I was nervous as heck! In my head, all eyes were on me and every snide comment known to the gym was aimed at me. In reality, no one gave a squat. (hehe, that made me laugh, bad pun, I know!)

What happened next surprised me. I busted it! I pushed myself harder, lifted heavier, and even had sweat running down my back for pretty much the first time during a work out. I loved it!


It was then that I decided that I would “dress for the work out I wanted” and I do. Take Saturday for example. I wore my cotton/spandex capri workout pants and a Spartan shirt and I put in 3 miles. It felt good. Then tonight it was a Spartan finisher shirt and a pair of yoga pants and I got my best mile yet on the elliptical. I have to admit I am proud of what I have done.

Now, I know I have said that I do love me some sweaties… and even more enjoy the comforts of a big baggie tshirt, but those are not proper gym attire. They don’t inspire me to get my hiney in gear. So for as much as I love my R2D2 jammies, they will be reserved for the couch or those few and far between veggie days!



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