Watching My Daughter Shows Me the Future

IMG_20151123_182634Tonight was a good night. That is the only word I can use to describe it. Tonight was a good night!

Sometimes when I go to the gym I feel mediocre after my time on the treadmill, but tonight was different. Katie wanted to go with me and run on the treadmill as well. We both took our earbuds so it was not about “mother daughter time” we both had our own agendas.

As Kat started her treadmill I watched her gear up. She took a deep breath and then started running. I have seen her in the pool so I know she can go, and keep going, and then keep going further, but I watched a little closer today. I watched her breathing, I watched her legs, it really didn’t even seem like it bothered her. That’s when it hit me, she can do this because has been doing this since 7th grade. She has been beating down and building back up her body since she was 13 years old. Watching her run at 5.5mph wasn’t anything difficult for her at all, because she had built up to it.

Then I looked back at my own treadmill and saw my speed of 3.0mpg and at first I got discouraged… then I chuckled and turned my night into a personal best all by itself. I increased my speed to 3.2mph and kept right on truckin. Then as I closed in on 16 minutes I realized I would be getting a mile in in less and 20 mins if I hustled, so I did. I kicked my speed up to 3.4mph and got my mile done in 19:15 – I had done a sub 20 mins, but today I did even better!

How does this all tie in, well, simply… as I watched Kat I saw what I really want and know I will someday become. I want to be so used to being active that getting on the treadmill and RUNNING two miles, is something that is as natural as breathing! It does my heart good to know that she is 17 and has been at this for four years…. and I am almost 40 and close to do where I want to be in just a year and a half(ish)!

Today I, not only, did it even better than I have before, but I saw what my future looks like just by watching my daughter right next to me.

I can do this! I can, and I will!!!


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