Sometimes I do Feel Like Wonder Woman

11402225_10206564558893291_1871395240376122903_o For as long as I can remember I have been a HUGE Wonder Woman fan. From the Wonder Woman Underoos to the Halloween costumes with the stinky plastic mask that no kid could ever see through. I watched the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman show every time it was on. She was amazing and even as little girl I knew I wanted to be like her. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that she was a princess, but that wasn’t the complete reason for me. She was smart and beautiful and thin and strong as hell. THAT was what I wanted. Being realistic as a 39 year old woman, I know I will never be able to lift a car, or pick up a full grown man with one hand, but I want to be like her. An office worker by day and bad ass by night.

966583_10207913869665217_7665661757943571816_oTonight was one of those nights. Backing up a little, I have been going to Mr T (this is the name I will be referring to my trainer as from here on out) for six months now. I already told you about how I have a way of getting in my own way, or rather staying in my own head, and how going to see him I would get worked up and almost making myself almost sick. Well, after I wrote that blog about figuring out this problem I had, and working through it, I have been able to move past it. Or rather, I continue to work through it.

Mr T told me earlier in the week that when I came in on Friday he was going “put the hurting on”, so I got scared. I felt myself getting queasy… I  even tried to figure out how I was going to get out of it, BUT I DIDN’T! I knew that it was not what Wonder Woman would do, so I went!12006169_10207275713071701_4337993768495653423_n

When I got there he smiled at me, and I knew that I was in trouble. When he smiles at me with the “oh yeah, its go time, Cupcake” look, I knew I was going to suffer, and this work out would be nothing to sneeze at! I didn’t let that get to me, though, I smiled back and played dumb!. He upped the weight, he pushed me harder than he had in the past. **I will say that we had to stop using some of the free weights and kettle bells because my hands and arms were swelling and turning red as they sometimes do…  and when Mr T saw what was going on, he moved me to the machines to give my hands a rest. Anyway I worked my butt off on those machines! At the end of the work out, Mr T smiled at me and said “good job tonight.” THAT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

I may not be lifting cars or fighting crime, but like Wonder Woman, I showed him I was a strong woman who wasn’t scared to push the limits and fight the battle in front of her. I loved it. I loved how good I felt when I left the gym. I was even smiling – and I very rarely can say that! Not often do I feel this good about myself, but for tonight I will put on my cape, pretend its flapping in the air, and remain #wonderwomanstrong on my journey of #becomingabetterme !!



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