Sharing is Caring

12289612_10207695522726680_3827837324455363364_nGrowing up my family always had dinner at the table. Pretty much every night there was a main meat, a couple of veggie options, and maybe a can of fruit, applesauce, or cottage cheese. It was also common to have a pop and bake can of biscuits or crescent rolls with butter to make the meal complete. Dinner was always served with a glass of milk. Cokes were not permitted at the dinner table for the kids, and very infrequently even had by the adults. This was what a well rounded, fairly healthy dinner looked like to me.

My mother did her best to keep us healthy. She would always point at the broccoli on the table when one of us would ask for a second helping of mashed potatoes or would suggest that maybe the second biscuit should not have jelly on it.

Fast forwarding years later my mother has become even more health conscious. She and my step dad eat a lot of fish, try to steer clear of the pork and very rarely do you see a random bag of potato chips in her kitchen. When the kids and I go over there she offers snacks of yogurt with granola, bananas or apples, or even a glass of almond milk to take the edge off of the hunger if dinner is in the oven.

10903979_10205455305322645_8962295156564541714_oSince I started this #becomingabetterme journey, my mom has been a huge supporter (even if she isn’t a big reader and hasn’t really read my blog, sorry Mom, had to say that). She has told me about healthy options for snacks, talked me to about how to cook fish, even listened to me whine and cry about my upcoming races and how scared I was. She was right there telling me she could see the differences in me and swore I was going to come out on the other side alive and well. Since I didn’t die, I have to believe she was telling me the truth, right?

Well, after all of the support she has given me, she has also been asking me a lot of questions about this diet. How hard it is to eat healthy, how hard it is to not snack, if its difficult to not have ice cream… all valid questions and concerns, but honestly, none of these things have bothered me. (except the lack of ice cream…. I don’t know if you know this friends, but ice cream is my vice, and I miss it sooooo soooo sooo much!) Anywho, it is my turn to show her how to be better. Mom and my step dad are coming over for dinner tonight and the whole meal is going to be Whole30/Paleo compliant.

One of the misconceptions I had about the diet in the beginning was that “normal” food was not possible. This is where I was completely wrong, and I hope that I can show her how awesome this diet change has been and it is really about just having “normal” foods, but going with the fresh and nonprocessed.

The menu for the night consists of: steak, roasted red skin potatoes with garlic, spinach salad with homemade balsamic dressing, and grilled pineapple. Something that would not at all be weird to have on a random Tuesday night, but all within the diet. I am hoping for the same reaction I had when we first started. Something along the lines of “Wow, that really wasn’t difficult at all!”

So, friends and followers, wish me luck. It is not everyday that you get to show your mom a better way to live!




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