Real Life Not Reality TV


The Veterans Ball happens every November, this 3 years of progress

I have never been a fan of shows such as Biggest Loser. Extremely overweight individuals wanting to be better, but wanting it instantaneously.  Scary…. and nothing more than a recipe for disaster.

Trainers on fitness shows tend to be cocky or at the minimum annoyed  at their “clients”. Believing that these overweight people, who have been scared to even get off of the couch in the first place, aren’t at the same level they are and have been for years. This was one of my fears when I first started working out. I saw the way the trainers in the gym were pushing their clients, and I was like, “OH NO! I don’t do well with being bossed around!” When in all actuality, I was so scared of failing without a ‘boss’ let alone with one.

Last night when I came home from work Katie was watching a new show: FIT-Fat-FIT, or something like that, anyway the point of the show was those cocky trainers meet their clients, find out how much weight they want to lose, then actually gain that amount of weight so together they can lose it. In the one I caught, the trainer had to gain 40 lbs to work with a housewife as she wanted to lose weight to be better for her family. Although I am all for her being better – I mean I am on the same journey – it scares me the time frame they put on themselves. 40 – 50 lbs in just four months time? That seems crazy.  Just like Biggest Loser, it is all about the RIGHT NOW.

I have heard it takes seven days to create a bad habit, but 60 days to create a good one. Now, I am not saying there is scientific evidence to this, but rather MoMo logic, but the point is, there is no such thing as instant gratification.

If I start the clock at the point where I REALLY got serious about getting healthy and losing the weight I would say I have lost 32 lbs in 10-12months.  This weight loss has not been just the desire to be skinny, it has been a plan to be better, healthier, more aware of what I was doing to myself, inside and out! I am not saying that my way is right or better than any other plan, because I , most definitely, am not an expert!11194604_10206311941018002_1058228524752321487_o

What I am saying is slow and steady wins the race. The idea of being my ideal weight in four short months makes me smile, but I know that I would rather continue going to the gym, building muscles and losing pounds at the same time. Teaching myself how to eat healthy all of the time rather than just for a brief stint in order to achieve a number on a scale.

This is a journey, not a weekend trip, so I want to enjoy every step of it, and not worry what will happen to me when the camera stops rolling.


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