A Story Within a Story

treadmillI have a very dear friend who I hound and pester and bug until I get him to meet me for lunch AT LEAST once every couple of months. I realize he is driven man, and work matters, but after 16 yrs of friendship he knows I won’t let him get out of it. Well, today was that day. The last day of February and the first time we have been able to see each other in 2016. He is lucky that I write this blog, because he gets to keep up with my shenanigans, but I have to see him to find out the latest gossip in his life.

As we are sitting there talking about life, the blog, and exercise in general we get to talking about running, and in true Heather form, I remind him that the treadmill is not my friend.  I refuse to be the next internet “fell on the treadmill” video, so I don’t run on it. He told me that in high school he ran cross country and track and he too hated the treadmill. I believe he called it the devil? Or something like that… (sorry I didn’t remember the exact name).

Well, in the middle of our conversation I told him a story:

“The other night after Kat’s swim lessons I was going to bring her home then hit the gym. She told me that she wanted to go with me so I told her to run in the house and get changed. When we got to the gym it was like 9:40pm and there were like three people there. One in the free weight section, one on the elliptical, and the last one was at the far end of the treadmills. Kat and I went down to my favorite treadmill (when I said that, he asked me, ‘you have a favorite treadmill?’ and chuckled when I said yes) and she got on the one next to me. She cranked hers up to 6.5mph and started running. I mean, really… she is my kid and not very coordinated, so how in the heck is she running?! She just kept going. She didn’t let go of the bar, but she kept running. So I thought ‘if she can run and not die, then dang it, so can I! So I looked around and the treadmill guy was gone, the elliptical person was no where around and the weight lifter guy couldn’t see me from where he was so I went for it!! When I started accelerating I was having an issue with the transfer from an awkward fast walk to a weird slow run, so I just went for it full on. I finally decided that at half a mile I needed to finish out strong, so I hit the up button and didn’t stop until it got to 5.5mph. I ran for about .04 miles and then walked for .02, then ran for .04, then walked, then ran.. I did this until I got to my full mile. I did it, buddy! I ran and didn’t die on the treadmill!”

After I told him this story there was a little dialog:

gymHim: so I have a question?

Me: what’s that?

Him: Why haven’t I seen this story on your blog?

He was right, I had not written about it… until now. That was my trial run on the treadmill… haha, so funny… get it? Trial Run! Ok, I will stop…

Tonight I tried again. Tonight I succeeded. I ran on the treadmill. Same type of pattern, same speed, the only difference was I did not look around to see who was there. I decided I didn’t care. With my daughter beside me pushing me forward, I ran. It wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t pretty, and it was not something I ever want to see on YouTube, but I ran.

Thank you friend for lunch, conversation, and inspiration for another post. More than that, thank you for pushing me to continue on this #becomingabetterme journey. If it weren’t for days like today and goofy conversations over a spicy chicken salad, I wouldn’t have the guts to tell my stories, let alone have stories to tell.



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