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12832469_10208367002473254_2882227229186277123_nLet’s be honest, we all need a break! We spend eight hours of every day facing the grind and stressing about the next work disaster around the corner. Then we spend an additional hour at the gym sweating off pounds that plague us. After that we spend the rest of our waking hours cleaning, cooking, shopping, tending to the kids, yelling at the kids, surfing the net, or watching trials and tribulations on TV. All of these things can take a toll on us. Once in awhile we need a break. We just need to escape.

That is where Angel and I were. We needed a break. A girls trip where we weren’t racing, just going somewhere to relax and let the time pass with the sounds of the waves. Literally, we wanted to go somewhere warm, sunny, and on a beach!12795206_10208376541671728_1588754146660049427_o

On Friday morning at 2am we left her drive way on our way to Panama City Beach for a long weekend.

When Angel booked our room she surprised me by getting, what I considered, a small condo. It really wasn’t, but with a bedroom area, a living/dining room area, a full size fridge, an apartment size stove with an oven, table settings (for 4), and pots and pans it worked out better than expected! I cannot lie, I was concerned about putting back on all the weight I just worked so hard to get off, so we talked about how we could still enjoy the trip, but be responsible at the same time… that is where the kitchen and Angel’s great planning came in.

When we arrived, we sat down and made a grocery list so we would eating breakfast and lunch in the room, and then enjoying ourselves for dinner.

12809672_10208375507685879_6086456273716737325_nWe bought eggs, salad mix, fresh veggies, smoked sausage, fresh fruit, almond milk, coffee (of course I had coffee!), and fresh pico. All of the makings of paleo/whole 30 compliant meals. It was vacation after all, so there was beer an angel food cake, and creamer for the coffee. Although these items were not “on the diet” I did not feel bad about having them!

Being healthy is more than diet alone, it involves exercise too, so we covered that as well!

Our room was a little over a half mile from the pier and Pier Park (the outdoor style mall). This distance gave us the opportunity to walk to Margaritaville on Saturday night and then around Pier Park. Our grand total of miles: 3.9!  We also flailed around in the heated pool, for a little more exercise. We got to finish our night with a beer, the sunset, and a hot tub to relax even more.For Sunday we walked on the beach down to the pier, all the way out on the pier, back around the mall with a stop for ice cream, and then back to the hotel. The pool water felt amazing, so using the floaty boards (I am going to admit that is a Heatherism because I have no idea what they are really called) and pool noodles just added to the 5.3 miles we got in that day.

12792094_10208382822868754_3281203159244949934_oMoral of this story, we had a vacation and I HAD A BLAST!12792379_10208376517551125_723029311025523318_o

I didn’t go crazy, I had a beer, I had ice cream, I even had some angel food cake, but I wasn’t scared to get on the scale when I got home. Every now and then you do have to let go. Have an ice cream, have a beer, have fun!  Come home refreshed and then have a lil chat with the scale and move on, and that is what I am doing.

**For those of you curious, the scales told me that my long weekend cost me three pounds, and I am fine with that. I will have that back off in no time!




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