MVP – Mom’s Very Proud!!

Raising teenagers is not an easy job. Sometimes it is even thankless. Then you have nights like tonight. Tonight was the winter sports awards night at the school. I have talked before about the determination, tears, and the million miles in laps she has put into the team this season (and every season), to make the team great and meet her personal goals, but tonight took her somewhere she wasn’t expecting.  My KatieLynn got MVP for the girls swim team. She already had enough points to letter, and was already co-captain of the team, but she went one step further. Most Valuable… I hope she realizes what that means.

When kids are little screwing up here and there as a parent really goes unnoticed by the child. So what if I ate more starches than I did green veggies, or maybe was not as nice to that man in the grocery store as I should have been, or even at work… did I do everything I could to help that coworker? Probably not… Doing those things when the kids are young, they don’t know any different. They just see this shiny person who loves them and feeds them and hugs them.

When I decided that this #becomingabetterme journey was not just about my weight and racing or how I looked, but it was about being a better me all of the way around. I wanted to be a person my friends could be count on,  a wife that my husband would be proud of, and mom my kids weren’t embarrassed to be seen with.. oh, and would be proud of too.

I was actually told today by a dear friend, that she thought I had it all together. I promise that is not the case. I am a work in progress, and by extension, so are my children. I worry regularly that I am still not being the best influence for my kids, but what parent doesn’t? Going to the gym is not just something for me, but I hope that my children see it as my responsibility to myself to be active and healthy. I want them to see that being kind to strangers is not difficult, and you do not have to live life in a ME FIRST way.

I cannot stress enough, when I started this blog it was not intended to pump myself up, or to point out to other, “LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE”, but rather a reminder to all of us the good, bad, and ugly things that happen on this journey. I see the way my kids are growing up, and how they are interacting with the world around them, being that teammate, that person that everyone knows they can count on really makes me a proud momma. Tonight made me realize, for all the errors I am still making, maybe I am doing something right?



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