Today Was a Good Day

10399810_10208465483095208_2097784079387572154_nI was just telling a friend at lunch yesterday that I have found myself in a bit of a slump. I told her that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to race anymore. I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to work out anymore. I even said I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be a better me anymore.

I know those are harsh words. Trust me I know. Maybe it was the weather or the fact that I have just been a crazy busy and extremely tired, but I know I didn’t mean it, and today was just the kick in the backside I needed to remember that.

When I started this journey I knew that I wanted more than just the physical transformation. I wanted this #becomingabetterme to remind myself to be more well rounded (well, not ROUNDED, but you know what I mean), more open minded and as I sat at the lunch table yesterday I felt like I was done doing that. I felt like I was trying and seeing no results and that was discouraging.

…but today showed me how far I have come, and what others around me see…

At work we do quarterly employee recognition, any staff member can nominate any other staff member for anything they believe to be above and beyond the call of duty or to show their excellence in teamwork. I was nominated and won this last quarter and was awarded with a certificate today.

Then tonight I knew I was going to be going to see my trainer. I spend a good majority of yesterday trying to figure out how I was going to get out of going. Even told my husband that I was going to quit going… but tonight, I changed my tune. I gave my all during my training session. (I know I will hurt like a … like a… I don’t know what, but I will hurt!) It felt so good to be there. Mr Trainer even told me several times how well I was doing. I joked, I pushed, and gave everything I had, and I walked out smiling!

I know that there are days that are going to be rough, I know there are days that I will get down on myself, I even know that there will be days where I want to throw in the towel… but I won’t. I have come too far to stop now. I have too many people counting on me to keep going. More than that, I have ME that I made a promise to, and I am not going to stop #becomingabetterme !!


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