Dull, Duller, and Dullest

1614014_10208487131476404_1227232368557446685_oFor those of you who know me, this will not be a secret… I AM A CREATURE OF HABIT. I know, big shocker, huh? I am not  a fan of change at all. I know that sounds silly because this whole venture is based on change, but I still struggle.

My current struggle is with my wardrobe. I know that is an eye rolling, rather insignificant, struggle, but it is real. As a former (and still feels like a) fat chick, my closet was not so diverse. I had a wide variety of browns, greys, and blacks, but that was all. I had always heard that dark colors are more slimming, and trust me, I wanted nothing more than to cover the lumps, rolls, and wrinkles that were the whole of my existence. Even my shoes were brown or black. The only color I had was in my tank tops or random $2 flip flops I got at Old Navy every summer, but even those were minor splashes of color with my red pair and my tan pair.

Why is all of this coming up now? Well, today was St Patty’s Day and traditionally wearing green keeps you from being pinched, but as I was getting ready for work I struggled to find anything. I had one sweater that was green. Just one. In all of the stuff that I have I had one shirt that fit the bill. Ridiculous!

I  decided right then and there it was time to fix this. How can I talk about becoming more, becoming better if I am not willing to step outside of my comfort zone in all areas of my life… that includes what I have on when I am facing the world?? The answer is simple, I can’t. I cannot sit back and preach that I am doing something more when I am still hiding behind my monochromatic wardrobe!

To remedy this,  I took my award money, from employee of the quater and went to Target tonight. I stepped out into the seas of colors and found myself two new shirts to start my new colorful expressions wardrobe. I got a maroon one (which happens to be my husbands favorite color on me, and besides, how else was I going to tell him that I dipped into the checking acct a little as well?) and an olive green one… I know that they are not what one would call HELLO LOOK AT ME colors, but it is a start! I did buy a new black blazer… I know that it really defeats the purpose of the “going for bold” that this whole article is about, but let me just say, every successful business woman needs a good blazer, so so many colored tanks can go under it, and dammit, I have never really had a blazer that fit me the way this one does!!

Anyway, the point is, expect more color in  future pictures! Expect bold patterns, I am going to do this, I am going bold or going home!

***don’t worry dear husband, I vow to NOT break the bank!!!


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