Paying My Dues Because BG/DC

20160324_185806The premise of this group was that as “big girls” have two options… 1) we can cry and whine about how horrible we look and feel or 2) we get off our duffs, pay our dues, and transform ourselves into what we wanted to be. We named this group BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY.

Last night I went to karaoke night with coworkers and I will admit, I was out a little too late. We had a great time, as my coworkers are a very energetic bunch that keep things interesting. Cutting loose with this gang is a nice retreat from the real world, but sometimes we forget that we are no longer 22 years old! At 9am this morning I had already decided that post work hours would be all about jammy pants, Netflix, and more sleep. On my drive home I started thinking about my BG/DC group and how long it has been since I talked to a lot of them, and even what they would say about my decision to party like a rock star and let that get in the way of the gym. As most of them are mothers (like me) I could see them wagging their fingers in disapproval, so I decided not to disappoint them or myself. As soon as I got home I put on my BG/DC logo tshirt  (because, yes, we had them made!) and headed to the gym. Completely worn out from the night before, but I knew I had to do it.

20160324_190050I walked in the door at Anytime Fitness and this happened:

Mr Trainer: Heather? (I could tell he was confused) We aren’t on for tonight are we?

Me: nope

Mr T: so you just came? that’s great! Whats that on your shirt? BG/DC? What does that mean?

Me: Big Girls Don’t Cry. As a fat chick you have 2 choices. You either cry and whine about it, or you get off your butt and you make things happen. I opted for making things happen! This shirt is just my reminder.

Mr T: That’s my girl! I love it!!

Me: great! now I have a date with a treadmill!

Mr T: Go get it!

And off I went.  Put in my earbuds, cranked up the 80’s playlist and went for it. Over a mile and a half later I was sweaty, flushed, and ready to pass out, but I felt great! So happy that I didn’t give in and let the couch eat me for the evening.

I know that BG/DC has been disbanded but the gals in my group still keep me going. I think of them when I realize that I have been a little lazy, or even when I have a success for that matter. The point is, I did not let them down tonight… Girls, if you are reading this,  thank you for being that wagging finger in the back of my mind… you kept me going and I love ya for it!




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