Motivation Comes with a Truth Lasso

1656349_10208492800178118_4167451404899184350_nWhen I started this journey I was asked what kind of end result I was wanting. What was my motivation… like I was an actor trying to figure out her character in a Broadway play or something… but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had several things motivating me.


Of course there the normal things… I want to be healthier so I can be around for my kids as they grow up and eventually get married. I want to be able to travel and not be so overweight that I can’t walk around and take in all the places I wanted to see. I want to be able to walk up and down my stairs and not get winded (fight with this every time I do multiple loads of laundry!). ALL of those are good motivators, there is no doubt in that. But,  I am a nerd so there has to be more.


My husband took me to Gen Con for the first time in Aug of 2008 and I was in awe of everything that I saw. It was definitely a nerd paradise.. and I WAS IN PARADISE. That was where I learned what real cosplay was. I saw Slave Girl Leia, Harley Quinn, several steam punk ladies, I even saw a female Storm Trooper. It was great. Sadly, though,  I do not remember seeing a Wonder Woman back then… anywho… getting back to my point….

As I knew now what cosplay was, and  I really starting thinking about what I really wanted out of this… what my end result was… and the secret nerdy truth – I will consider myself a success when I can get into a Wonder Woman costume. Yes, yes, yes… I know it is crazy for a 40 year old woman to want to wear a costume, but its not just any costume it’s Wonder Woman!

I am not talking about the underwear and gold plated bustier thing, I am talk the true to the story line original costume!  OK, so maybe even the original comic, there was a gold plated bustier, but working on my arms and traps will help make that work, right?  I have looked online at Wonder Woman costumes  several times over the course of the last seven Gen Cons, but have always passed them up as no one wants to see an overweight and giggly Wonder Woman.

Anywho, with the new movie out and I have been a little depressed that I am not yet there, but I will… not today, probably not next month, but one day. Gen Con is here in Indy  until (at least) 2020, so I am sure in the next couple of years you will see pictures!  That’s when all of the villains of the Con will need to take heed… I will have a lasso of truth and won’t be scared to use it!


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