Damn, My Butt Hurts!

258DE429-E455-4F21-B142-2C198C6F5F38You laugh, but I am feeling it!

It has been a long time (too long in fact) since I actually got to go to the gym multiple times in one week. Well, with the healthy life style change at everyone at the office and the 28/4% challenge, it was time to allow peer pressure to be the foot to the butt I needed.

I went to the gym last Thursday and decided I would push (or punish, whichever word you think is better) myself with some slow and stead incline. My mile took me 22 mins because I did slow my pace, but I felt it.

Then there was the weekend… those days, lets not talk about those days.

Bringing on Monday, I didn’t want to, but I had to go with the elliptical. (for those of you not aware, please go waaaayyy back to the beginning of my blog and look up Fraidy Cat. In a nutshell, I hate the elliptical – more than I hate Monday with no coffee, and I HATE both Mondays and no coffee!) Treadmills were full and I really felt like going to the bike would be like starting over or cheating. So I got on. Not 100% comfortable with being there, but hey, you go with what’s available right? So I got to the half mile mark and nodded because I hadn’t died and I was actually making really good time. For posterity and my own reference, I snapped my picture – 14.48…what the heck? Really??!


I stewed on it on the way home and was pretty sure I had never gotten under 14.50. When I finally had a chance to go back and look I was right! My best mile at that point was 14.51! So woot to me! I PR’d on a random Monday!

Then last night I had a board meeting… allll the way on the north side even. I knew it was going to be late, but when I got done and pulled in my drive way at 9:40, no one was home so I quickly changed clothes, hopped back in the car and scooted off to the gym again. Apparently having a “suck it elliptical attitude from the get go really gets the competitive juices flowing – I PR’d AGAIN! New one mile time 14.43!!


By the time I got done I was pretty well spent and knew I still needed a shower and bed since it was still a work night. I got home around 10:45, hopped in the showed, dryed my hair and then straight to bed.

Kicking the elliptical square in the tail feathers really got my tail feather going. I am truly sore, but blissfully happy about it! So, for those of you looking at the clock, it is 7:49 on a random Tuesday and sore tired butt is going right back to the gym to do it all over again!

This #becomingabetterme takes some work, and I ready to do my part tonight!




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