The Not Even a Little Scary Update

img_8771I promised I would keep you up to date since my discharge from the hospital two weeks ago, but there really isn’t a lot to say – which is great news!

When I got home I immediate started my health and food journal where I log what I eat, when I take my iron pills/vitamins, how I sleep, and how I feel – it has been eye opening. In a good way.


I have been drinking protein shakes daily. I am still trying to find the ones I like (and I have found some that suck) and that are higher in iron. This has been great since they are super filling, and I am not getting toimg_8768 eat lunch until later in the afternoon. I have also added protein packed afternoon snacks. I have been a label reader for a few years, but never really went so far as to look at the iron content. As a side note, I did not realize how little iron is in most foods. I assume that is why I am on such a high dose of iron daily. After talking to friends who are nurses – I have added daily vitamin C to help with the morning pill and then applesauce (or baby food fruits) with my afternoon/evening pills. Before all of this, I was also taking vitamin B, D, and then Echinacea to keep from getting sick, which is still part of the daily routine.



It is almost shocking how good I feel! I think I have more energy than I have – EVER. Not just since before I got “sick” but like, EVER. Although I cannot go back to the gym until I have a follow up doctors appointment, I have been able to go for a walk in the neighborhood and even do some shopping without losing any energy which I had not done in a LONG time. I guess I have also been be-boppin’ through the house, because periodically Hammy will laugh and when I ask him what he is laughing about, he tells me that it was the little dance I was doing… didn’t even know I was dancing! Other than that,  I think the biggest thing I have noticed in this area is the color in my lips. I know that sounds silly, but in the hospital they were a deathly shade of gray – but not now! 🙂



I cannot believe how amazing you can feel when you get good sleep! Literally for 12 days in a row, I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off!! So crazy!! I am sure part of that is the less stressful job, and the fact that I am doing better in the above two categories that makes this possible – but it is still part of the progress.img_8767

I realize I still have a long way to go, but two weeks in and I doing everything my doctors and nurses have told me to do. I will continue to get weekly phone calls from my nurses and social workers to check in and make sure I am not going backwards. **Community South has an amazing support system – just a side note** I will still have to go in and do check ups on my hemo levels, but I can say I feel nowhere close to where I was, and I know I will never go back there!


There have been a lot twists and turns on this journey, but none as scary as this, so as I continue #becomingabetterme sometimes I have to remember that adjusting how you live is must, and I would have to say, I am doing a pretty good job of adjusting this time!



28 – 1 Week

BA16272A-5CC4-45DA-A96C-4F81DA13A0FCIts one week until weigh in. Am I nervous… absolutely.  I have already stated that I do not really feel comfortable in competitions, especially when it comes to weight loss. I have had several issues when it comes to losing weight quickly. I have to really just put my head down and plow through it. Not worrying about time frames, or deadlines, or even the $20 I put in to see if I could do it… Anywho, I have tried to make these last three weeks count. I do not know if I will make it, but what I can tell you about this last 21 days is this:

I have not had any desserts (really freakin hard)

I have limited my bread intake

I have gone to the gym 2-3 times a week

I have taken the stairs 4 of the 5 days each week (exceptions are when I am with others or carrying more than one bag… too stinkin heavy)

I have had ZERO ice cream

I have been trying to do better about getting my full 7-8 hours of sleep

I have been drinking a lot of water, but I have actually tried to drink more around bedtime (which is supposed to help with digestions)

CE674883-410E-453E-959D-E069327313E1Although a short list, it is still a list of things I have done to give a try to this 4% weight loss. Even if it isn’t enough I have still lost 5lbs in this last few weeks… With only 2.6 lbs to go, I am going to give it a serious college try to get that $20 back!

On a side note… I have been on this journey for about three and a half four years now and to see how things have been going, I did a side by side of start to present…

#becomingabetterme #stillonthisjourney #Iamnotdoneyet


GenCon is Coming…

As I look through the memories of Facebook this morning, I realize that this day in 2015, we were at GenCon. Dubbed the “best four days in gaming”, it is truly a nerd girl’s paradise! There are plenty of costumes to admire (and yes, there is Wonder Woman shirt for every day of the con, buuutttt, this year I have my tiara to wear with them – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!), fantastic fantasy and nerd art, but my pull is the endless rooms and infinite piles of games…  it is a great place to let my geek flag fly!

Although I joke about being a nerd, or a geek, or gamer girl, I really do pride myself on my intelligence, and as you know, part of the campaign of #becomingabetterme does have to do with the full me, not just the physical… and gaming is a fantastic way to exercise your mind. I do not consider myself a strategic game as much as I do a tactical gamer, but by playing different styles of games, with a laundry list of different mechanics, I am getting better. That is not to say I am as good as the group of friends that we game with, but I can hold my own against them in several of the games we do play.

Just like with exercising your body you have to make sure that your brain cells are fully charged to keep the synapses firing… FOOD. Food in important. I did mention this was a convention, so by definition, it will be at a convention center, which is not the best place for food. Dried out burgers, greasy pizza, and “what is that really” chicken sandwiches, not exactly what one would consider healthy.

Knowing this is what we are looking at, I had a nice conversation with my hubs about how this was not going to work for me, we decided to make a trip to Fresh Thyme and get some healthy snacks to keep us fueled and alert. I am sooo ready! SO. READY.

I know this isn’t really like my traditional posts, but as this event gets closer for me, the more excited I get, and I am really just using this post as a reminder that I can still remain on my journey and enjoy all the nerdiness that life has to offer.